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Matthew Teague Miller  REVIEWS


"Matthew Teague Miller gets a gold – nay, platinum -- star for the way he’s cast THE BUNGLER. Better still is the way he’s made clear the play’s many machinations. Here’s that delicious 'Ohhhhhhhhh!' that comes from an engaged audience that has attentively followed the plot and sees another complication on the horizon. No question that this is a director worth watching."                                    -Peter Filichia   (New York theatre critic for The Newark Star Ledger & NJ News 12)


"Given Miller’s nuanced treatment of the material and the polish with which it's executed, the Timber Lake Playhouse’s Les Misérables sets the bar incredibly high for future productions, and it will be difficult for me not to hold other theatrical companies to the standards set by this notable accomplishment."   -River City Reader  click here for the full review

"Director Matthew Teague Miller is to be credited for delivering a fast-paced and energetic production throughout."-River City Reader

"Director Matthew Teague Miller sculpted a show that is striking in its professionalism, attention to detail and entertainment value." 

-The Daily Republic

"With the graceful direction of Miller, a cast perfectly suited to their characters, and a clever series of changes, the dramatic and romantic aspects of this production absolutely pop right off the stage"


"Director Matthew Teague Miller has paced and cast this show brilliantly"                 -San Jose Mercury News

click here for the full review    

"Director Matthew Teague Miller provides the right touches..."


"Kudos to director Matthew Teague Miller for putting together a thoroughly entertaining piece"

                                   -The Daily Republic    

"Miller has assembled an outstanding ensemble for this production.  Each and every role is thoughtfully drawn and there is no wasted action on the Opera House Stage... If you've booked up this coming weekend, I have only one piece of advice. Unbook. "                    -The Napa Register

" ( Your soul ) may be a fair ticket price for ( this ) dazzling production of this musical classic."


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